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One of my greatest passions is helping kids.  My mission in life is to make a difference for young people who are hurting.

Built For Greatness was written for parents of teens who are dealing with:

  • school challenges
  • emotional health struggles
  • trauma and tragedy

Built For Greatness teaches my 5-step framework in a way that works for kids, making it possible for them to deal with stress such as past hurts and traumas in a healthy way and develop a positive, resilient mindset.

It outlines a strategy for you to offer support and guidance to the young people in your life.  It teaches problem solving skills and coping strategies that are healthy and effective and can last a lifetime.

Many of you feel just as passionately about this calling to help kids as I do. 

Get your copy of Built For Greatness today.  Make a difference for someone you care about.

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